LVCCM is governed by a local secretariat. The secretariat acts much like a board of directors, but also has some of the characteristics of a cabinet in that each secretariat member has specific responsibilities. New members of the secretariat are chosen by the existing secretariat from active community members and serve three-year terms. Current members of the secretariat and their areas of responsibility are listed below. Click on the appropriate responsibility or title to send an e-mail to that person.

Name Responsibility Phone
Bill Patrick Lay director 989-435-3579
Pastor Bob Allmann Spiritual director 989-600-1796
Russ Boone Vice president 989-642-8107
Dawn Bock Secretary 989-529-1187
JoEllen Eyre Treasurer 262-389-4975
Jeff Walk Preweekend chair 989-213-8627
Chuck Broomall Facilities chair 989-839-2058
Marijean Fitzgerald Palanca chair 989-835-7095
Josh Parsons Postweekend chair 989-492-6289
Ken David Leaders chair 989-233-3747
Ron Lacher Information/involvement chair 989-631-1019
Mike Periard Newsletter editor 989-295-0717
Gregg Lange Keryx liaison 989-686-0935
*Click on the appropriate responsibility for an e-mail link
Send postal mail to: LVCCM P.O. Box 1092 Midland, Michigan 48641-1092